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General trainings
“I was amazed how much newly gained skills I already applied during the training program using situations very similar to the ones I face in my job. It was all in all very useful and interactive”
 Participant's opinion

Our training programs are carefully designed to meet client’s needs. Using interactive methods, trainings combine theory and practice to increase knowledge and practice participants’ newly gained skills. We offer training programs in various areas such as:

Strategic participatory planning
This training can be tailored to be provided in different situation for various target groups: strategic planning endeavors at the request of various organizations, assistance to planning groups, large community based dialogues, inter-organizational or intergovernmental work sessions.
When addressed to strategic participatory planning process managers, the training makes participants gain knowledge on process principles and steps as well as skills related to initial assessments, stakeholders analysis, visioning, organizing working groups on strategic objectives, action planning, financial planning, monitoring, process evaluation and adaptation. As a result of the training, participants will be able to organize and conduct efficient strategic planning processes toward implementing visions in the specific reality.
Project Management
Projects are nowadays the main vehicle for strategy implementation in an organization or community. The training offers to the participants the opportunity to improve their skills in managing successful projects: delivered on time, within budget and match the original specifications and objectives. Also the participants will be equipped to correct the most common reasons for project failure: unclear objectives, poor project design, weak financial and time management as well as lack of stakeholders support.
Problem solving
The training aims to equip participants with better awareness on problem solving steps and on advantages of participatory decision-making: from setting concrete objectives, through the evaluation of alternative solutions and up to the selection of the best option. Participants will also practice various skills and techniques for applying appropriate decision-making approaches taking into account specific circumstances. As a result of the training, participants will increase their capability to constructively and creatively respond to problem situations by making effective, responsible and sustainable decisions.
Effective communication
During the training participants will explore the key issues of effective communication process, such as the essence and advantages of partner-oriented communication, factors that promote and hinder effective information flow, importance and role of the body language in communication, reasons of different perceptions and how this different perception influences the communication process. Participants will improve their listening, questioning, argumentation and persuasion skills and learn about the effective behavior strategies in accordance with different situations. As a result of the training, participants will be able to communicate successfully and attain their goals, at the same time maintaining the positive relationships with their personal and business partners.
Negotiation skills
This program will provide the practical frameworks for successful negotiators and help participants to become aware of their preferred negotiating style, along with its strengths and weaknesses. The participants will learn how to correctly define and formulate negotiation objectives and effectively plan and conduct negotiations. They will practice negotiation simulations using critical aspects of different negotiation strategies and styles. As a result of the training, participants will be able to select and apply the correct negotiation strategy to the specific negotiation partner, time frame and other circumstances, as well as to recognize and neutralize the manipulative methods applied by their negotiation partner.
As many experienced managers can tell, getting things done through others is not as easy as it looks. A team leader should be sure the people he/she is counting on to help in executing the strategy understand what to do and are inspired to act.
This workshop help participants to make sense of the leadership challenges they are now or will soon be facing through a simple yet powerful framework, and provides the participants with the tools to meet those challenges. The result is more effective leadership now and throughout the participants’ career.
Facilitation skills
The aim of the training is to improve skills related to group work management - facilitation. Participants will practice how to lead the process of group work on each of its stage and will be able to correct negative influences of this process. They will be more aware on the advantage of structured, facilitated group work. Participants will have opportunity to learn and practice different techniques of group’s facilitation.
The program can be designed to different specific contexts and target groups, from internal task forces within an organization or project, to inter-organizational or intergovernmental work sessions.
Team building and re-teaming
The participants improve their skills to create effective and efficient teams, to inspire team success, to measure and improve team performance and techniques to empower their work group. Applying the solution-oriented approach for team building, the participants will practice re-teaming steps of change: setting goals, empowering, contribution, and reinforcement.
Public speaking and presentation
The training is aimed to introduce participants to the main principles of effective presentation and audience management during various public appearances. Training will focus on planning, preparation and delivery of effective presentation, as well as analyzing its results. Participants will be able to define and formulate the presentation objectives, to adapt their presentation to each specific audience during the preparation and delivery of the presentation, to prepare visual aids, to use different techniques of audience management and motivation, influence listeners attitude, making an interesting event out of their speech.
Consulting skills
This training program develops the knowledge and skills of the participants to work as organizational and community consultants. Participants are coached through the process and steps of the consulting model and they have opportunities to practice the role of consultant and client, demonstrating their knowledge and skills in each of the consulting process steps.
Time management
The  training program aim is to improve the participants’ managerial skills in time management, knowledge and skills to assess the time wasting causes and their skills to remove those.  Among various topics, participants will learn how and when to say “no”, how to delegate responsibilities, how to plan a realistic list of activities and how to develop a personal time management plan.


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